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Creador de Players Bots (Gen Char)

Iniciado por Swarlog, Sep 01, 2022, 12:40 AM

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Se trata de un script php con el que podréis incorporar a vuestro servidor jugadores bots, me explico, por ejemplo crea 10 personajes al azar y que cada uno haga una función; pescar, vender, andar, etc..

CitarHow it works:
- Checking the number of things (items.php)
- Checking the amount of skill (skills.php)
- Checking the number of prescriptions (recipebook.php)
- Connecting to a database (the settings in config.php)
- Check for the existence of a temporary table TABLENAME (in config.php table name must be unique! Otherwise there cleaning noun. Table)
- If the table does not, it creates a temporary table
- If the table has a database, then a truncate - the complete removal of all table rows
- Parses a file with the names of accounts corresponding regular expression [az, AZ ,0-9] {4,16} (in config.php: URL)
- Create a password accounts with the names (in config.php encryption ENCODEPASS choice sha1 or whirlpool)
- All sparsennye logins stored in TABLENAME
- Remove duplicate in TABLENAME
- Find and delete existing accounts. Matched against the names of the accounts to a table TABLENAME server TBL_ACCOUNTS
- Register account
- Check for unique names of the characters. If the character's name is occupied, the name is added to the text [az, AZ ,0-9] {2,4} (in config.php: CONCATNAME)
- Creating a character creation tables server build. Randomly adding coordinates (zone.php)
- Creating a character stats. Randomly add a class
- Create a character skills (skills trained to lvl 85)
- Adding itemov character in inventory
- Added shortcuts in the panel (3 tag: buy, sell, kraft)
- Adding parameters offline commerce (offline_trade.php)
- Adding recipes character class if 118 => «Maestro»

List of files:
config.php - config. file
db_version.php - table names
functions.php - functions
gen_char.php - generator start
index.php - the main page. gen_char.php runs after entering username and password (default admin: admin)
items.php - arrays of things
names.txt - a list of names to create an account
offline_trade.php - parameter list offline trade
recipebook.php - arrays recipes
skills.php - arrays of skills and classes
zone.php - character coordinates
DOC / create_skills_array.txt - creating an array of skills to create a character
DOC / HELP.txt - Documentation
DOC / test_database.sql - test database