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Hello and thank you for visiting our topic.

We are a private developers who has been working for a year on a java emulator for Lineage 2 Freya. It is time to tell the world. We come with the most stable core that thousands of players can handle. Features ( datapack part ) of the server are developed by two experienced developers. Let's take a look at what we offer.

We only want clients who respect private work and behave. We want to create a good community. It is forbidden to share the source code at public forums and groups.

1. Basic Informations
The pack is fully written in Java. Source code is optimized to Java 8. For Database we using MySQL 5.5 version. Minimal requirements for start server 1024 GB ram, but many depends on online players and size of DB.

2. More Informations
>>2.1 Quests
All quests are written in Java...includes tutorials, 7 Signs, gracia, hellbound and other Freya quests.

>>2.2 Instances
In Freya client is the main boss named Ice Queen Freya. Instances and quests for her death are working. Of course, other instances like Frintezza, Seven Signs, Chambers, Gracia with leveling up to last stage and etc. are working.

>>2.3 Recommendation Bonus
The new recommendation system gives characters an additional XP rate bonus. It's a system based on recommendations, which are like points. Trade your recommendation points with others to increase each other's recommendation level and boost character XP rate!

>>2.4 Items
All thirty-two new weapons are working with new armor sets: Moirai, Vorpal, and Elegia. A maximum of attributes can now be added to each piece of armor. New Soul Crystal stages 17 and 18 have been added.

>>2.5 Zones and new locations
All known locations work and are tested. Revamped locations are also working and instanced locations too.

3. Customizations
All customizations are the ideas of our gamers and their admins. Just look to screenshots :)

4. Gallery
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Skype: L2jPrivateDevelopersTeam
Price: 50 Euro
Paypal: Contact us on Skype or email for PayPal

Would you like to test our Freya server? Don't worry, contact us on Skype and we will setup the test server for you.

For administrators. If something bad or missing, just contact me. Thank you.
Success is your result of patience.